Crafting - the age-old Soul Therapy

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Ideas come when you stop feeding the devil and start feeding the idle workshop. Some people find calm in the chaos, craft in the junk, creativity in the clutter. The joy of using your hands to make something from scratch, has always been therapeutic. A companion of sorts. What else compliments a rainy day and a hot cuppa tea? Tell me, I'll wait..

The rest of this article is me articulating my thoughts, but I will come back to it, I promise... for now.. stay tuned...

Daily Affirmation:

I can totally Make that!

Here are my top 10 mantras:

  1. Ignore the Labels - Hobby & Hoarding are just words

  2. Believe you can and you will

  3. Invest in that Glue Gun

  4. Procrastination is for writers

  5. If you have watched more than 30seconds of the video, you're destined to do it!

  6. True creativity has no definition. Except on Wikipedia

  7. You can always re-visit it

  8. The Master is always the student

  9. Strand you inner-critique on some remote island

  10. Remember to have fun!

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