Perfect Toy Box/Crate for any ocassion. Great for Storage of the little things that matter to the little ones so much!
Personalise yours to add that special touch.
It's really simple,
Step1: Pick a crate size. We have the Small & the Large ones.
Step2: Think of what you want the text to say on each of the two planks (20 character restriction on each plank, including spaces and icons/pictures)
Step3: Choose the colour you want your text to be in.
Step4: Choose the font you want your text to be in. These are available on Microsoft Word to view
Step5: Check your selection & Click Order
Step6: Ahhh... you're all done, Time to put the kettle on & wait 3-5days for your order to arrive!

Gift your Box of Happiness today!

*** Please note that the toys & the props in the picutres are only for Display. You will receive one personalised wooden crate with a bedding of woodwool inside.

Personalized Toy Box - Small

SKU: C0001
Colour of Text
  • 23x31x15cm

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to receive returns at this point.